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With the property of gyromagnetism and nonreciprocity, microwave ferrite polycrystal components and assemblies are often applied in the microwave system for interstage decoupling, impedance matching, antenna sharing, as well as the signals regulation, process and unidirectional transmission to accomplish effectively the cascade connection between the microwave components and assemblies, and to improve and stabilize the technical performance and working status. Microwave ferrite polycrystal components and assemblies are featured with minisize, ultra wide bandwidth, super high power, and so on, and are widely used in the field of microwave communication, some military microwave communication system with special environmental requirement, electronic countermeasure system as well as the application of satellite-boarded, missile-boarded, and ship-boarded.


Main features:

1.                           Wide frequency range. Our various isolators, circulators and assemblies can cover the frequency range from 30MHz to 40GHz.

2.                           high technical parameters and good temperature performance

3.                           Great variety of family products, including various isolators, circulators and assemblies with input/output of waveguide, coaxial, microstrip line.

4.                           diversified structures and no damage power: waveguide, coaxial, microstrip line, stripline, waveguide to coaxial, coaxial to microstrip line, with minisize small to 6mm6mm, and average power up to 100kw and pulse power up to 10mw

5.                           High reliability. Through reliability design, out products can meet the shock and vibration requirement of airplane-boarded, missile-boarded, and ship-boarded

6.                           Wide application. Our products can be widely applied in military and civil microwave communication and equipment.

7.                           Strong customization ability. We can offer customized design plan quickly and efficiently according to different requirement for structures, power and performance. 


Rules of PN:

              2   G  900   M  200  S  03   L   /J

              A     B     C        D      E    F     G     H   / I

A: number of sections. Null for single section.

B: product type. G for isolator;

H for circulator;

GH for isolator-circulator assembly.

C: central frequency.

D: unit of the central frequency and bandwidth. M for MHz; G for GHz.

E: bandwidth

F: type of input/output. N for N type;

                                   S for SMA type;

                                   W for waveguide type;

                                   D for drop-in type.

G: male/female connectors. 01 for FF (isolator), or 3 F (circulator);

                                          02 for MM (isolator), or 3M (circulator)

                                          03 for MF (isolator), or MFF (circulator)

                                          04 for FM (isolator), or FFM (circulator)

H: power. L for low power;

                P for high power;

                H for super high power;

                PK for super high peak power.

I: environment. J for airborne;

                       T for space application;

                       H for ship-borne.

For example, 2G900M200S03L/J refers to 2 sections isolator with central frequency of 900MHz and bandwidth of 200MHz, SMA-M as input and SMA-F as output, low operating power and for airborne application.

As to other unsaid matters, please contact us.